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Here some usefull links to other websites about  photographic
products free and  equipment manuals
Gossen, manufacturer's website with manuals (not all) in German and English website with a lot of photographic information
Info about cameras and lightmeters


APUG.ORG is an international community of like minded individuals devoted to traditional (non-digital) photographic processes. We are an active photographic community; our forums contain a highly detailed archive of traditional and historic photographic processes. We'd like to thank all of the photographers out there who have given us the encouragement to see this concept through.


This site is totally non-profit. We ask for nothing but we would appreciate your sharing any knowledge/photos/tech info you may have, not only on the cameras presented here but on any you may think we might be interested in. Both of us, of course, have other old cameras not displayed.
A collection of articles and resources about photography


A collection of early camera's and phtotographic equipment from 1850 to 1950.

The collection includes examples of most types of camera from the Daguerreotype to the start of electronics but concentrates on the heyday of British camera making - the period of hand-made brass and mahogany cameras from the likes of Hare and Meagher and the small workshops of Adams, Newman & Guardia and others.


Site dedicated to Ilford products with a lot of old meters and information. Great site. Canon camera museum A lot of information about Canon
Gesellschaft fuer PhotoHistorica e.V.

Die Gesellschaft für PhotoHistorica e.V. ist eine 1994 in Zeil am Main gegründete Vereinigung von Photographica-Sammlern und -historikern – markenungebunden, und mit mittlerweile etwa 450 Mitgliedern in Deutschland, Europa und Übersee die größte Sammlervereinigung dieser Art. Unsere bis zu 96-seitige Mitgliederzeitschrift erscheint dreimal jährlich – eine Zeitschrift, in der Mitglieder honorarfrei für Mitglieder schreiben, fast ohne Werbung, nicht frei verkäuflich und nur für Mitglieder erhältlich.

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