Gossen-Ascor Electronic flashmeter

Update: 02.11.2017

Gosen-Ascor Electronic flash meter.

is a member of the world-famous GOSSEN family of precision meters for photo-graphic purposes. it measures flash intensities by the most advanced electronic methods and thus joins the renowned LUNA-Pro, Lunasix and other fine GOSSEN meters in providing reliable exposure information Like all GOSSEN exposure meters, the GOSSEN-Ascor Electronic Flash Meter is easy to use. it is cordless and may, therefore, be placed at any position or distance from the flash unit  for convenient measuring under all conditions. We suggest that, before you start using the meter, you read pages 2 to 7 to acquaint  yourself with its specific features and operating  principles. Once you are familiar with these you will find it easy to follow the concise 6-point check list on the opposite page.

The Gossen-Ascor meter is intend to be used in the countries that only work with ASA film sensitivities like the USA. Therefore the Film speed can only be set in ASA values and not like his counterpart de Sixtron which has an ASA and a Din scale.

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