Gossen Bisix exposure meter

Update: 01.20.2017

Bisix type I

Bisix type II

Gossen Bisix exposure meter

The Gossen Bisix is a very lightweight and easy to handle exposure meter manufactured by Gossen. It is actually a simple meter based on a selenium photo cell.

The shutter speed ranges from 1/1000 sec to 15 sec. And the aperture value ranges from f/ 2 to f/ 22. The adjustable film sensitivity ranges from 12 to 1600 ASA or 12 to 33 DIN.

The meter has a diffuser blind which can be placed in front of the metering cell to enable the meter to measure incident light. Without the blind in front of the cell the meter should be used only for measuring reflected light.

The Bisix is sold in the USA under the name Scout. The difference between the Bisix  and the Scout is the change from the DIN / ASA window to a double ASA for the film sensitivity setting and of course the name. The Bisix type I has a different front compared to the Bisix type II.

As far as known type I was produced with serial number 1 to 50.000 and type II serial from number 50.000 and above.


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