Gossen Blendux exposure meter

Update: 02.11.2017

Blendux Type I

Blendux Type II

Gossen Blendux exposure meter

The Blendux exposure meter was introduced in 1933 after the Photolux and the Ombrux , Paul Gossen's first exposure meters. The Photolux / Ombrux was introduced at the fair of  Leipzig in 1933. It was the first photo electric exposure meter build by Paul Gossen. The Photolux, very shortly after introduction, was renamed to Ombrux and was made for photography while his counterpart the Blendux was made for movie (cine) purposes.

The measuring element is a selenium photovoltaic cell and the big glass lens on the front was taken from a flashlight (electric torch) manufactured in that time in Germany. The meter is accompanied by 2 aluminum plates holding tables and information about use frames/second, aperture and film types. The short form users guide is printed on a aluminum plate inside the case and on the back of the meter. The Blendux Type I was for the German market. The Blendux Type II is an export model for the international market.


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