Gossen Cimbrux exposure meter.

Update: 08.06.2012

Cimbrux Type I

Cimbrux Type II

Gossen Cimbrux exposure meter.

The Gossen Cimbrux exposure meter is the successor of the older Blendux , a companion of the Ombrux, exposure meter. Same as for the Blendux, the Cimbrux field of application is for cine purposes. Original this meter was called the Super-Ombrux but later renamed to Cimbrux.

The meter comes in a leather case with 2 metal plates included with tables printed on them. These tables are for adjustment of aperture by the use of different film speeds in frames / second. The housing and the construction looks very well the same like the Photolux, Ombrux and Blendux meters.

The meter has 2 modes of sensitivity, reading the black scale for normal measurement and the reading the red scale while pressing the red button when the light is to dim to read the black scale. About the technical function, check the technique page. The Cimbrux Type I is for the German market and the Cimbrux type II is the export model.


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