Gossen Multisix exposure meter

Update: 04.28.2012

Gossen Multisix exposure meter.

The Multisix is a digital calculating exposure meter made by Gossen for flash and continuous light readings over a broad range and with high accuracy. The five attachments make the meter into a system for facilitated use in solving even special light reading tasks in photography as well as when working with flash.

The Multisix is Microprocessor-controlled and monitored, reads flash as well as continuous light, LCD readout with a resolution of 1/10 of a stop, analogue indication of tendencies in half stops, direct analogue readout of the contrast range in +/- 4 stops and programmable exposure corrections. The meter uses two silicon blue cells, one for continues reading and one for flash.

The Multisix excepts different types of adapters, making it a very universal system light meter for different tasks of measurement. Five different adapters are available for the Multisix. These are the same adapters available for a number of Gossen meters; Mastersix, Profisix, Mulrisix, Lunasix F, Lunasix 3 and the Lunalite. The adapters available are Tele. Repro, Lab, Micro and Mess-sonde for measuring on the glass focal plane.

This meter is sold in the US under the name Multi-Pro

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