Gossen Sixti exposure meter

Update: 06.11.2012

Gossen Sixti exposure meter.

No other meter has so many useful features as the Sixti, and in addition, the Sixti has this important advantage; it attaches to any camera equipment with an accessory clip. The Sixti is the perfect mate for the fine camera. It virtually becomes part of that camera, giving it all the convenience of a built-in light meter. No meter surpasses it for it accuracy and long life performance. Advantages are measures incident as well reflected light by assistance of a clip on diffuser, automatic direct exposure readings, automatic high - low sensitivity selection. Nicely shaped small metal housing with a clip on socket to mount on a camera. The meter is sold in the US including the incident light adapter and leather case for US$ 23,95.

Several versions of the Sixti exists. There is a version made for Kodak, called the Kodalux. Also for Sears called the Tower and different versions concerning the diffuser. With a separate one and with an integrated one. The version made for Leica can be recognized by the black "L" just below the name Sixti on the meter. The Leica version also has a different scale to match the settings on the Leica camera's.


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