Gossen Bolex exposure meter

Update: 01.27.2017

Bolex Gossen Lightmeter

Gossen Bolex exposure meter.

Gossen manufactured this clip-on exposure meter for Paillard in 1964. It is calibrated for the shutter speeds of the Bolex REX cameras and measures both reflected and incident light. The scale shows directly the aperture value. The film sensitivity can be set in Din and ASA from 9 to 33 din and 6 to 1600 ASA and with settings for camera speeds from 12-64 frames per second and variable shutter speed.
It uses a PX-13 battery.

All H model cameras manufactured after 1962 contain an accessory attachment shoe located above the turret; the side of the Gossen meter was designed to fit into this slot. Besides the Gossen Boles cine light meter Bolex used also Norwood and Sekonic.


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