Exposuremeter collection Simon A. Spaans

Update: 07.30.2012

Some time ago during my visit at Simon, he showed me his enormous collection of exposure meters. I was especially interested in his collection of Gossen exposure meters and was allowed to photograph a number of items of his collection.

Simon is probably an exposure meter collector with the largest private collection in the world ranging from the firsts meters till the modern types. His knowledge about the exposure meters is also great and he wrote several articles about these items. In a Dutch photographic collectors magazine 'PHT' he wrote a story about several type of meters.

Specials in his Gossen collection are undoubtedly the transparent Sixtomat, the dark blue Sixtomat, the Sixtry - Trisix - Tower -  LVsix collection as well as his collection of pre WWII models. Simon also helped me a lot with information, pictures and articles to make this Gossen website possible. Many thanks for this Simon!

It is sure worthwhile to take a view at a part of  his collection at:

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