Gossen Colormaster 2F and 3F Color temperature meter

Update: 02.11.2017

The Gossen Colormaster 2F and 3F are color temperature meters with digital display. It accurately measures continuous light and flash within a wide range. Decades of knowledge and experience in manufacture of exposure meters, is now being made available to the user, in the simplest manner possible trough microprocessor technology.

Outstanding features characterizing the Colormaster. Simple operation, Only three typical operating elements. microprocessor controlled and monitored.

All adjusted and measured values seen at a glance on the display. Large and contrasting numeral display for easy reading. An entire series of flash sync speeds for flash measurements. optional display switch for mired or Kodak Wratten filter values.

The Colormaster 3F additionally offers CC filter display and measures both luminous intensity (lux) and flash quantity (lux-seconds). A swiveling head for exceptionally convenient use.

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