Gossen Digiflash exposure meter

Update: 01.27.2017

Another first from Gossen: the Digiflash is the first flash meter to combine both analog and digital displays in an ultra compact design. The Digiflash offers all the features of the Digisix meter above, plus the added benefit of taking flash readings with a range of f/2 - f/32 at 100 ISO

The Digiflash is microprocessor controlled and runs on a Lithium battery type CR 2032. The meter weighs approximately 1.5 oz including battery, and comes with a carry case, strap and battery. The Digiflash also offers a functioning clock with alarm, a timer for timing long exposures, plus a precision digital thermometer which measures temperatures and stores a high and low value.

Easy and comfortable to use, great for flash and ambient. Simply enter the desired sync speed and trigger the flash. The Digiflash will display the resulting EV value measured in the LCD display. That value is then placed precisely under the red indicator. Read the required F-stop on the scale opposite your flash sync speed.

The housing of the Digiflash looks very much alike the Digisix exposure meter.

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