Gossen Digipro F

Update: 02.11.2017

Gossen Digipro F Light Meter

Slim, sturdy and ready to twist! The Gossen Digipro F is the latest member of Gossen's family of high-quality exposure meters for digital and analog photography. This high-precision exposure meter for flash and ambient light features a swivel head that makes measuring and reading a breeze for both professional photographers and dedicated amateurs. The stylish, lightweight Digipro F is small enough to sit comfortably in a shirt pocket. It features a user-friendly interface, which can be easily operated with one hand.

Exposure meter with digital display. It measures ambient light and flash and it covers a wide measuring range with great accuracy. Some of the features are:

Swivel head
Measurement modes: incident and reflected light
Measuring flash (with cord or noncord) with indication of the level of ambient light
Microprocessor controlled
Digital LCD display in tenths of stops
Analog contrast display in half stops
Storage of settings and readings
Programmable exposure correction combinations of a given reading
Recall of all possible shutter speed/aperture combinations of a given reading
Aperture or shutter priority preselection
Extremely convenient to measure flash
Covers the entire CINE scale (frames per second), including the TV standard 25 and 30 f.p.s.
Warning when range is exceeded
Automatic battery check
Auto off
Suitable for analog and digital photography


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