Gossen Digipro F2 Exposure meter

Update: 02.11.2017

The Digipro F2, the successor of the Digopro F.

With its compact design, outstanding diversity and high performance, the DIGIPRO F2 is the ideal standard tool for many professional photographers, demanding amateurs and filmmakers. The included technology and features are high quality, and operation is clear-cut and easy to understand. The universal DIGIPRO F2 is laid out for use in the studio, as well as outdoors. It makes quick work of incident and reflected light measurements for flash and ambient light, displays mixed lighting conditions as well as required multiple flashes, and performs contrast measurements. The values are displayed in full, 1/2 or 1/3 increments depending on the selected setting. The DIGIPRO F2 masters all common lighting situations for analog and digital photography, as well as filmmaking, with outstanding precision and time-tested quality.

Universal Exposure Meter for Photographers
 Ambient light measurement can be performed with either aperture or shutter priority pre-selection, as well as with exposure values. The removable diffuser can be used to switch back and forth between incident and reflected light measurement. After measurement has been completed, f-stop/shutter speed combinations can be queried by pressing the value keys. Measured values are displayed digitally in 1/10 increments, and f-stop values appear at the analog scale in 1/2 increments. If the measuring key is pressed and held
in the shutter pre-selection and exposure value function, contrast range is ascertained and displayed at the f-stop scale – an ideal function for matching the subject’s contrast range to the recording medium. In the case of flash measurement, this can be triggered manually, wirelessly or by means of a synchronizing cable. After measurement has been completed, the f-stop value for the specified synchronizing speed appears at the display. This is displayed at the analog f-stop scale along with the f-stop value for the ambient light ratio. The relationship between flash and ambient light can be influenced by changing synchronization speed, making it possible to adjust fill-in flash or soften ambient light. If the measurement indicates that the desired working aperture is not possible with a single flash, it can be adjusted with the upper value key. The digital time display is then replaced with an indicator showing the number of flashes required for the working aperture.


Simple CINE Meter for Filmmakers
Film speed is specified in the CINE mode. An open aperture angle which deviates from 180° can be taken into account by calculating and entering
the filter factor as a correction value (COR). After measurement has been completed, the f-stop value is displayed digitally in 1/10 increments and
appears additionally at the analog f-stop scale rounded off to 1/2 increments. The cameraperson is thus provided with basic data for a correctly
exposed image.
Ergonomic Design
The DIGIPRO F2 is laid out for convenient one-hand operation. Operation is simple and intuitive with just a few keys. The high-contrast LCD panel
is highly legible and displays values in a clear-cut fashion. Measuring and display direction can be ideally adapted to individual requirements with the swivel head. Its compact, but nevertheless rugged design, assures that the exposure meter fits into the user’s hand perfectly and accompanies the photographer through all of his tasks as an indispensable tool.

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