Gossen Digisix exposure meter

Update: 01.21.2017

Gossen Digisix exposure meter.

Digisix is a Digital/Analog exposure meter. It's great looking, great value and a true travel companion that's packed with more features than you'd ever expect. The Digisix is small enough to sit comfortably on your camera's hot shoe (with optional shoe adapter), and sports a digital read-out and analog scale for ambient light levels that can be measured in reflective or incident mode. Digital read-out in EV is easily transferred to a setting ring where all the shutter speed/f-stop combinations can be read at a glance.

The Gossen Digisix is a small and handy exposure meter for measuring ambient light. It measures the light in the value EV. This value has to be placed in the reading window of the calculator ring to transfer the EV into a exposure time and or aperture value. The Digisix not only functions as a light meter, it also is a timer, watch, alarm clock and measures temperature. The Digisix is able to measure the light with an accuracy of 1/3 stop.

 But the Digisix doesn't stop there. Not only is it an exposure meter, but it also offers a functioning clock with alarm, a timer for timing long exposures, plus a precision digital thermometer which measures temperatures and stores a high and low value. Digisix is the mini meter with max features.

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