Gossen Electronic flash meter

Update: 01.20.2017

Gossen Electronic Flash meter. (Gossen Ascor)

The Gossen Electronic Flash meter is a meter aimed specific for working with flash. The meter measures the intensity of the light when the flash is fired. It also adds up any previous flashes fired so it integrates the total amount of light measured from one or more flashes.

This meter is the counterpart of the Gossen Sixtron flash meter and made only for the USA market. The Sixtron has a ASA and DIN film sensitivity scale while the Ascor  has only the ASA scale. The big knurled knob is inviting you to turn this knob but it fixed on the housing and can't be turned also there us no need to do so. The center can be turned for ASA setting.
For more information see Sixtron


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