Gossen Luna-Lux exposure meter

Update: 01.29.2017

Gossen Luna-lux exposure meter.

The Luna-lux is one of the high quality precision meters manufactured by Gossen for light measuring techniques. The Luna-Lux is a very valuable meter, precisely manufactured and accurately calibrated, The built-in silicon photo diode (sbc, silicon blue cell)  achieves an instant measuring response, even at extremely low light levels. Its superior filtration result in  a spectral sensitivity of outstanding character.

The Luna-Lux combines the advantages of a silicon blue sensor with a null metering readout using LED indicators so you can set it in a instant, read it at a glance. The three LED's give quick, easy determination of all exposure information, including light values, shutter speed, apertures and even zone-system values.

Gossen has created three different classes of exposure meters, the MiniClass, The MultiClass and the MasterClass. The MultiClass to which the Luna-Lux belongs exists of 3 other meters;  the Luna-Pro sbc, the Luna-Pro F and the Luna-Pro. For those 4 meters Gossen developed five special attachments to improve the field of applications enormously and making it system exposure meters.
These add-on devices are only coupled mechanically other than the attachments of the MasterClass. which are only coupled mechanically and electrically.

The Luna-Lux is sold outside of the USA as Lunalite

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