Gossen Lunasix / Luna-Pro exposure meter

Update: 02.04.2017

Since its introduction in 1963, acknowledged as the world standard for accuracy, reliability and range. And , with it's five optional accessories, the most versatile CdS system meter ever made. This meter first the Lunasix became after modifications the Lunasix Electronic and later the Luna-Pro.

The Luna-Pro is the choice of professional photographers, as well as discerning amateurs, all over the world. Experience proven - it provides accurate reflected or incident light readings in all kinds of light, from a flickering candle to a bright summer's sun. As a system meter, you can be sure it will provide correct exposures in any situation. More than just a superb hand-held meter, the Luna-Pro wide range of optional accessories increase its versatility. The Luna-Pro can be adapted to calculate the correct exposure for microphotography with the microscope accessory. It can be turned into a dual angle 'spot meter' with the Variable Angle accessory. It can be used to take trough-the-lens readings from a large format camera's ground glass with the flexible fiber optics probe accessory, or use it for copy work with the copy accessory. And it comes with you to the darkroom as well. The enlarging accessory helps to find the right exposure for your color and black & white prints. Proven accuracy. Proven versatility. That's why pros have chosen the Luna-Pro since its introduction.

The Luna-Pro is the US equivalent of the Lunasix 3. This is the first system exposure meter. Wit several attachments, the meter can perform extended functions.

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