Gossen Luna Pro Digital

Update: 01.31.2017

Technical Perfection ó With compact design

The LUNA-PRO digital offers many functions at an inexpensive price. It is user friendly, with just three controls using only five buttons. An especially large and high contrast, easy to read display, makes full use of the meterís remarkable features. The logic functionality is truly remarkable, when the measuring button is pressed, in the (t) time mode and held on, the meter switches automatically into contrast measurement. A series of cursors on the analog scale indicates the range of contrast of the subject area being measured. The cursor that is flashing indicates the current reading, until the button is released. This feature-packed meter is energy efficient: about two minutes after the last reading was taken the meter switches off automatically, but retains in the memory the last reading, and the previously stored values of shutter, film speed and apertures selected. This economic power management requires the use of only one 1.5 V, AA Alkaline battery


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