Gossen Luna-Pro Digital F

Update: 02.01.2017

The super clever all-rounder

Technical perfection With compact design and flash, too.

At first glance, the LUNA-PRO digital F looks very much like the LUNA-PRO digital below. The only external difference is the addition of a Flash sync socket. The LUNA-PRO digital F is a flash meter for the professional photo studio, or for demanding location use. It can easily master the intricacies of balancing flash light to the ambient light. The meter takes two readings at the same instant: The combined reading for flash plus ambient is displayed in digital form and on the analog scale as a pulsing cursor. The ambient reading is also displayed on the analog scale as a constant cursor. The LUNA-PRO digital F can easily calculate multiple flash readings if one flash
proves to be insufficient to provide the aperture and depth of field required. In addition to the above, the LUNA-PRO digital F offers all of the functions available on the LUNA-PRO digital including (EV) exposure values and CINE f.p.s.


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