Gossen Luna-Pro S exposure meter

Update: 08.13.2012


Gossen Luna-Pro S exposure meter

The Gossen Luna-Pro S is an enhanced version of the Luna-Pro. Actually only the calculator dial has been redesigned. The scale for movie camera's has been removed because this is rarely used. The new scale permits presetting of exposure factors and exposure values (EV) can now be adjusted. The exposure time scale has been extended from 1/4000 sec to 1/8000 sec. The aperture scale now goes from f/ 0.7 to f/ 128. The DIN scale from 0 to 48 DIN and the ASA scale from 0.8 to 50K ASA. The size of the calculator ring has been increased a little bit and now holds the LW/EV and VFx/EF values. Also the zone values of the Ansel Adams zone system have been added.
The manual is based on the Luna-Pro manual with a supplement for the S version


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