Gossen Lunasix exposure meter

Update: 08.15.2012

Gossen Lunasix exposure meter.

The Lunasix is one of the better exposure meters made by Gossen. The development of the Lunasix has been started many years ago which can be seen by the development prototype and the design prototype of the Lunasix currently in the 'Stadtmuseum Erlangen'.

The Lunasix has been made in different versions. The first marketed version of the Lunasix has 2 press buttons on the right hand side and the second model has a rocker switch.
There is also a version for the US market of this first type with double ASA text on the center scale where the international version has DIN and ASA on the scale. Gossen modified and renamed a lot of meters special for the US market. The Lunasix was marketed with the same name in the US and the rest of the world. The next version was named Lunasix Electronic and after this version the name changed to Luna-Pro for the US market.

The second version of the Lunasix has been modified with a rocker switch instead of the double button and a complete different reading scale system.

All types of the Lunasix contain a CdS cell for light measurement. Therefore the meter needs a battery to operate, the type of battery used is a Mallory PX 13
Mercuric Oxide 1.35 V. These batteries are not longer available.


The MR9, PX13 and PX625 is a discontinued Mercuric Oxide coin type cell that was commonly used in cameras and is now banned because of toxicity and environmental fears.
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