Gossen Lunasix 3 exposure meter

Update: 08.15.2012

Gossen Lunasix 3 exposure meter.

The Lunasix 3 is the finest in the line of "SIX" Exposure and Color temperature meters the SIXTUS, SIXTOMAT, SIXON, BISIX, SIXTINO, POLYSIX and SIXTICOLOR - made by the world famous manufacturers GOSSEN. Lunasix 3 is the name given to this finest of all Exposure meters because the Lunasix 3 can measure reliable any light from the palest moonlight to the brightest sunlight. And - even more important - the LUNASIX 3 is the first system exposure meter.

It enable the user, by means of instant-lock-on attachments, to refine your measuring techniques  not only in the camera work on location and in the studio, but in enlarging or in photomicrography, photography trough terrestrial telescopes and for selective and density measurements. The Lunasix 3 is sold in the US as the Luna-Pro S.

From time to time Gossen produces a exposure meter with a transparent housing. The production is in a low volume so these meters are in general rare. As far as known, The Sixtomat, the Sixtomat electronic and the Lunasix 3 are made with such kind of housing.

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