Gossen Lunasix F exposure and flash meter

Update: 04.28.2012

Gossen Lunasix F exposure meter.

The Lunasix F is one of the high quality precision meters Gossen is manufacturing for the light measuring technique. The Lunasix F is a very valuable meter, precisely manufactured and accurately calibrated. The built in silicon photo diode (silicon blue cell)  achieves an instant measuring response, even at extremely low light levels.
Its superior filtration results in a spectral sensitivity of outstanding character. The Lunasix F will answer all questions which might arise concerning photographic exposure reliably and precisely. It will help to determine the correct exposure data for photographs which will rank above the average as to picture quality and creative composition.
The meter is actually a two meter in one system, it can be used for continues light and for flash measuring simply by switching the meter to the correct mode. In the continues light mode, the meter measures incident light as well as reflected light.

Wit the range of adapters available the meter can be extended for a number of application. The adapters available are the Tele, the Repro, the LAB the Micro and the 'Mess-sonde'. The Lunasix F is sold in the USA under the name Luna Pro F.

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