Gossen Majus enlarging exposure meter

Update: 06.11.2012

The Gossen Majus is one the first electrical photometers intended for use in the darkroom. The meter is used to determine the correct exposure time for enlargements.

The large window holding the selenium cell must be hold directly under the lens of the enlarger. The sensitivity scale can be adjusted by turning the knob in front of the meter. This knob drives a rubber band with the values on it. A disadvantage of the rubber band is that it dries out and gets hardened and will break. A bit similar to the system of the Bewi electro from Bertram.

The meter uses two sensitivity modes the one is four times more sensitive than the other and the sensitivity mode can be selected with the knob on top of the meter. The meter also holds a battery and a little light bulb used for reading the scale when making a measurement. The Meter was sold in the UK by Dallmeyer.

This is a very rare meter and pops up on the market from every now and then.

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