Gossen Mastersix exposure meter

Update: 04.28.2012

Gossen Mastersix exposure meter

The Mastersix is a universal light measuring instrument made by Gossen which will measure and also calculate for you. The Mastersix reads photographic and photometric values. It calculates, stores in memory and recalls values from there. Therefore it enhances the creative capabilities of each photographer especially when taking photographs of unusual scenes or under exceptional lighting conditions. The Mastersix combines all advantages of modern microprocessor technology and the know how Gossen has acquired from 50 years of manufacturing light meters. The microprocessor interlinks various light metering processes for supplying useful photographic or photometric measuring information. The Mastersix can measure incident light, reflected light and also flash light. The meter is a part of a system, there are 9 optional attachments available which expands the use of the equipment enormously.

This meter is sold in the US under the name Ultra-Pro

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