Gossen Ombrux 2 exposure meter

Update: 04.28.2012

Gossen Ombrux 2 exposure meter.

The Ombrux 2 is the successor of the Ombrux, the first exposure meter made by Paul Gossen. As in the user manual stated, Three factors are important to get a good picture. The sensitivity of the photographic material used, the exposure time and the aperture size. After  pressing the red button to measure the light reflected from the subject, the meter shows the value of light measured. Turn the dial so the desired exposure time is opposite to the film sensitivity. After this you can read the correct aperture value from the inner part of the dial.

During my search for exposure meters I encountered two different types of Ombrux 2 meters. One type were the housing looks exactly as the Sixtus and the other type the known Ombrux 2. First I thought maybe the scale was from an Ombrux 2 but looking at the case, this was actually an Ombrux 2 as was written on the case and also the size was correct to fit the meter while the case for the Ombrux 2 was much bigger and could not hold the smaller type. So in mine opinion there must have been 2 versions of the Ombrux 2.

On the picture of the folder of the Ombrux 2 the smaller version can be seen. The smaller version can be recognized by the distance from the red button to the lower right corner of the meter. This distance is larger than the distance from the larger meter. The question is now what type is the earlier one. Taking in consideration the housing of the smaller one is exactly as the later Sixtus am believing the smaller one is also the latest one. Also the accompanying paper is dated August 1939 and this is very close to the date of the introduction of the Sixtus.
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