Gossen Panlux 2 light meter

Update: 04.28.2012

Gossen Panlux electronic 2 light meter.

The Panlux is not an exposure meter, it is a light meter. This instrument is suited for measurement of illumination in Lux or foot-candle respectively and also useful to determine the exposure data for cine film and photographic applications. The meter is color corrected i.e. its spectral sensitivity matches the eye's sensitivity curve V(λ). The correction filters are incorporated in the measuring probe. All the important kinds of light can therefore be correctly measured, without having to take correction factors into account.

The instrument has a built-in cosine correction facility. Light with an oblique angle of incidence can thereby be correctly measured in accordance with the cosine law. The instrument is easy to operate and provides highly accurate measurement.

Even the most brilliant light (daylight, spotlights) can be measured without having to use special accessory. It largest measuring range reaches up to 100.000 lux resp. 20.000 foot-candle. Recessed into the rear panel of the meter unit is a support which permits the instrument to be stood up on a slant.

a sturdy flap lid leather case is provided for the meter. With the leather case open end, meter and measuring cell may remain within the case for taking measurements.

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Gossen Panlux Calculator.

The Panlux calculator is used to convert the with the Panlux measured light values into a aperture and shuttertime combination after setting the correct filmspeed. The measured values are either in Lux, footcandle or luminance. To do luminance measurements you can use the accessory luminance adapter for the Panlux electronic meter.

1 footcandle (fc) = 10,76 lux (lx)
1 lux (lx) = 0,0929 footcandle (fc)

fl = footlambert = cd/m


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