Gossen Photolux exposure meter

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Gossen Photolux exposure meter.

The Photolux, a photoelectric exposure meter made by P. Gossen & Co, Erlangen, Bayern in Germany. is the first exposure meter made by this company and the start of a large number of meters for cine and photographic applications as well as for light measurement.

On September 15, 1933 there is advertisement of a meter that is exactly the same as the Photolux but now with the name Ombrux, the meter that has been was announced on the fair at the "Leipziger Messe". This means, The Photolux was very quick renamed to Ombrux.

In several documentation the 'Photolux' meter is mentioned in the period 1932 - 1933.
In Photofreund issue 13, of 20 September 1933 on page 335, there is an article with the title "Wider development in photocell exposure meters" by H. hansen; The Photolux exposure meter has been increased in sensitivity to enable measurement of interior lighting and the has been changed to "Ombrux".

In an another article of 'Nachrichtenblatt fur das photografenhandwerk vol 39-40, 1932 page 37' we find the description of use of this meter: "Das instrument (Photolux) zeigt die belichtungszeit fur blende f 9 und fur negativmaterial von 23 Scheiner". This means the specification of the meter is aperture f 9 with negative material with a sensitivity of 23 Scheiner. The article describes further how to use the meter to determine the exposure time.

Note: Hartmut Thiele mentions in edition 2001 of his book " Die Deutsche Photoindustrie Wer war Wer" a company located in the Jordanstrasse 6 Dresden Germany called Photolux making electrical exposure meters. This company started in 1928 end ended his existence in 1935. "Photolux, Belichtungsmesser GmbH, Dresden, Industriegelände Albertstadt. Die Gesellschaft wurde 1928 eingetragen. Photolux fertigte elektrische Belichtungsmesser. Am 23. Februar 1935 wurde die gesellschaft. die sich zu dieser Zeit in der Jordanstrasse 6 befand, aufgelöst."

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From: Die grossen Erfindungen: Schall, Bild, Optik Door Roland Gööck:

"Ebenfalls 1932 stellte der technieker Paul Gossen (1872 - 1942) in Erlangen seinen Uberaus erfolgreichen Belichtungs-messer Photolux (spater auch Ombrux und Cimbrux genannt) vor. Damals kostete eine selenzelle noch runde 30 reichsmak. Gossen garantierte der lieferfirma die abnahme von 100.000 ......"

"In 1932 introduced the technician Paul Gossen (1872 - 1942) in Erlangen his everywhere successful exposure meter (later named Ombrux and Cimbrux). In that time was the price of a selenium cell 30 reichsmark. To reduce the cost of the cell. Gossen guaranteed the manufacturer a deal of at least 100.000 units."
At the photo left 3 meters of the type Photolux, all three different versions, the one on the left and the one on the right have a different scaling and the one in the middle is a French version of this meter.

On the German version there is the abbreviation: D.R.P. meaning,
 "Deutsches Reich Patent"

and: D.R.G.M. meaning
"Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster"

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