Gossen Profisix exposure meter

Update: 06.10.2012

Gossen Profisix exposure meter.

The Profisix is a top quality hand-held exposure meter, precise and reliable, with all the advantages of such an instrument. The Gossen Profisix is a system exposure meter which, by means of various attachments, becomes a specialized meter for the most divers applications of photography.

It is the heart of the Profi System trough many years of practical experience and the most modern electronic technology the idea of a system exposure meter has ripened to a concept that offers greater measuring capabilities with still easier operation.
The Profisix is a Gossen exposure meter for the demanding professional photographer; yet it permits even the advanced amateur to device his individualized own system by utilizing its modular accessories. Some 10 different adapters are available for a broad range of applications like the Tele adapter, reproduction adapter, LAB adapter for darkroom appl. Micro adapter, color adapter, flash adapter and others. Together with the adapters the Profisix forms a complete light measurement system.

The Profisix was also sold in a case complete with all the available attachments, user guides and interchangeable dials. More detailed information about the attachments can be found on the attachments page.

The Profisix is sold in the US as Luna-Pro sbc.

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