Gossen Sixon Dual exposure meter 

Update: 01.28.2017

Gossen Sixon dual exposure meter

The Gossen Sixon Dual is also called Sixon Dual De Luxe meter. The Sixon dual is an extremely sensitive, accurate and versatile photoelectric exposure meter. It shows the precise combinations of aperture and shutter speeds. The possibility of choosing either of the two measuring methods, i.e. reflected or incident light measurement ensures optimum results for still and cine and photography.

A different version of the standard Sixon is the Sixon Dual, this meter made for the US market only has the ASA film sensitivity on the scale while the others types have DIN and ASA settings. The reason why this meter is called the dual is because of the different values of film speed on the scale of the film sensitivity knob. The dual has two dots a red one and a black one and the same for the numbers on the scale, red ones and black ones.

Other version are the Sixon and the Sixon Color Finder.


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Difference between the Sixon and the Dual Sixon can be found on the scale of the film speed knob.

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