Gossen Sixon exposure meter

Update: 08.05.2012

Gossen Sixon exposure meter

The Sixon is an extremely sensitive, accurate and versatile photoelectric exposure meter. It shows the precise combinations of aperture and shutter speeds. The possibility of choosing either of the two measuring methods, i.e. reflected or incident light measurement ensures optimum results for still and cine and photography.

Known are different versions of the Sixon, The Sixon, The Sixon CF and the Sixon Dual. Actually it the same meter but the CF has the Color Finder added. The Color Finder is mounted inside one of the sides of the meter opposite of the knurled knob. while the Sixon is just the plain meter without the CF. It looks like the Sixon Dual is the American version of the CF this because of the fact that most of the Dual versions can be found in the US and the film sensitivity scale only has the ASA setting. Dual is in relation to the two functions of the equipment, the Light Meter and the Color Finders functions.

there are also differences on the back of the meter, some have a Filter table, some have a Din, ASA, Weston and Europ. Scheiner conversion scale.

The Sixon has been made in different versions, The Sixon with metal sides, the Sixon with black plastic sides with the nickname 'Panda', the Sixon with a color finder, the dual Sixon  and also a version for Sears like the one with black plastic sides but without the name Gossen on the chain clip called 'Tower'.

Sixon with metal sides. 400 ASA / 27 DIN
Sixon with plastic sides, (Panda). 400 ASA / 27 DIN
Sixon Dual, exposrt version (USA). 200 ASA
Sixon CF with colorfinder, 800 ASA / 30 DIN
Tower, a Sixon meter sold by Sears under their own brand. 200 ASA

Different versions of de Sixon:

looking at the back of the meters there you will find on most meters a film speed conversion table DIN - ASA BS - Weston - Europ. Scheiner. Some tables are engraved in the mold and some have a aluminum plate glued at the back. You find a lot of meters missing the plate on the back because during time the glue did not stick and the plate got lost.

The Sixon Dual De Luxe has a table on the back also molded. The table is a calculation table for the roller curtain open or closed. Also the film speed only in ASA with a dual scale with black and red values. one scale (black) goes from 5 to 200 and the red scale goes from 8 to 125. Since the Sixon Dual only has ASA value on the film speed knob, this meter must be made only for the USA market because all other countries use either ASA or DIN and both of these values appears on meters.

The Tower Sixon is the same as the Dual Sixon De Luxe except for the sides. The Tower has black plastic sides and a different chain with no name on the clip.

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