Gossen Sixtar exposure meter

Update: 06.10.2012

Gossen Sixtar / Super Pilot exposure meter.

The Sixtar is a valuable meter, very precisely manufactured and accurately calibrated. by means of the built-in new type of photosensitive resistor, the meter has a wide range of use. It is very important to understand that the meter may not be exposed to light for an unnecessary long time for reliable use. Don't use the meter for a longer period than required in direct sunlight and when not is use, save the meter in the complementary etui. The photo resistor does not change its specifications when in use but has a kind of memory from previous measurements. When saved in a dark environment, the meter insures proper measurement.

The Sixtar is sold in the USA under the name Super Pilot wit the difference of a double ASA window instead of a ASA and DIN window at the film sensitivity setting.

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