Gossen Dual Sixtomat exposure meter

Update: 02.03.2017

Gossen Dual Sixtomat exposure meter.

The Sixtomat Dual is a highly sensitive photo-electric exposure meter, suitable for the measurement of reflected as well as incident light for still photography and cine works for color and for black and white. The meter is fully automatic and shock proof.  the Dual Sixtomat is the successors of the Sixtomat.

Where the Sixtomat only cam measure reflected light, the Dual Sixtomat can also measure incident light by means of the roller blind. The roller blind acts as a diffuser. The roller blind is painted on the inside with a kind of silver colored paint leaving a unpainted square in the middle. If the roller blind is opened until the red markings on the front, the meter is enabled for measuring incident light.

This Dual Sixtomat is also equipped with an internal switch for changing the sensitivity mode. (the red button on the former meters). The switch is activated going from the red to the black scale and vice versa. The 'Dual' is pointing out the 2 modes the meter can measure, incident and reflected light.

With the Knurled knob on the side the film speed can be set. This meter has only a film speed setting in ASA because it is intended for the USA market. The counterpart is the Sixtomat J.

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