Gossen Sixtomat Electronic 2 exposure meter

Update: 06.10.2012

Gossen Sixtomat exposure meter.

The Gossen SIXTOMAT 2 Electronic is a product of the house of GOSSEN; pioneers in exposure meter design and manufacturers of the world renowned LUNASIX, SIXTAR, SIXTOMAT, SIXTINO and BISIX meters, also the SIXTICOLOR colour temperature meter and the LABOSIX enlarging exposure meter. The SIXTOMAT electronic will solve all the exposure problems reliably and precisely.

The measuring element is a CDS cell with a little lens in front of this cell. Between the lens and the cell there is a graduated movable filter. This filter is coupled to the knob on top of the meter. When you turn this knob you will see the EV in the EV/LW window will change and you will see a reaction of the needle of the meter when there is sufficient light around. The needle should be set in the centre of the scale (notch) by turning this knob.

The Sixtomat 2 Electronic is known as the N100 in the USA. The difference is the omission of the DIN value on the scale and a different needle window lay-out.

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