Gossen Deluxe Sixtomat i exposure meter

Update: 02.08.2017

Gossen Deluxe Sixtomat-i exposure meter.

Another type of the Sixtomat is a kind of in between type, It looks very much like the Sixtomat type II. The film scale has only ASA film speed on it so it seems to be only for the USA market.

Text on the Advertisement implies there must be an another type with DIN on it. Date of the advertisements
Dec / 1951 Jan / 1952.

The Sixtomat I looks very much alike the Sixtomat J. Where the Sixtomat I only has ASA on the film speeds scale, the Sixtomat J has DIN and ASA on the scale.

The manual is from the Sixtomat J but adapted for the Sixtomat i


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