Gossen Sixtomat X2 exposure meter

Update: 02.08.2017

Gossen Sixtomat X2 exposure meter.

The Sixtomat X2, manufactured by Gossen Germany, is a universal exposure meter for photographic purposes with a 2-fold goal;
- correct exposure by means of measurement of the subject, reflected light
- correct exposure by means of measurement of the light, incidnt light

The Sixtomat X2, this is actually very same the Sixtomat X3 but with the omission of the Color finder, neck strap and some difference in the external appearance. The manual of the X3 doe apply for the X2.

The Sixtomat X2 has no provisions for Cine applications.

The package is also from the X3 but with a sticker on top of the X3, making it a X2.

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