Gossen Sixtomat X3 exposure meter

Update: 02.04.2017

Gossen Sixtomat X3

The Sixtomat x3, manufactured by Gossen Germany, is a universal exposure meter for photographic purposes with a 3-fold goal;

- correct exposure by means of measurement of the subject
- correct exposure by means of measurement of the light
- correct determination of the color temperature of the light
A special type is the Sixtomat in the complete transparent housing.

The Sixtomat X3 is the last meter in a line of Sixtomat meters developed and sold in a period of aprox. 20 years. The first meter the Sixtomat was developed in the late fourties and lasted after several modifications until the seventies.

On march 25th 1954 P.Gossen GMBH filed a patent for their invention of the 'aparatus for determining the color temperature of a source of light' under number USA patents 2,886,712. The inventors listed are Werner Schulze and Hans Gossen. This was the color finder, the last addition to the Sixtomat. The device was patented may 12 1959.

For more information about the color finder go to this page
Different production versions of the Sixtomat has been seen, the metal color finder one built in in the back of the X3 and also a plastic version of this color finder. For more information about sveral versions of the Sixtomat see Versions

Based on advertisements we can estimate the date of release of a product. The Britisch journal of Photography shows an advertisement of the Sixtomat X3 in 1955.  For the Sixtomat there is a ad. in Popular photography in the release of Sept. 1950 and in the same magazin of dec 1951 an ad. for the Sixtomat (type II). Remarkable is an ad. in Biological Photographic Assoc. of 1959 for the Sixtomat X2 sold for us$19.95 in a plastic gift box with 34 1/2 inch neck chain. Penn Camera in NY offers the Sixtomat for us$16.95 in 1951.

In American photography there is an ad for the Deluxe Sixtomat-I for us$32.50 and the standard model for us$28.50. This proves that the Deluxe Sixtomat-I actually exists.

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