Gossen Trisix / Sixtry exposure meter

Update: 08.05.2012

Gossen Trisix exposure meter.

Trisix, an exposure meter for photographic and cine purposes, manufactured by Gossen Erlangen, Germany. The meter  measures direct light and incident light, also indicates color temperature. The film sensitivity is adjustable from 9 to 33 DIN or 6 to 1600 ASA. The time scale ranges from 1/500 sec to 8 sec and the aperture scale from f/ 1.4 to 45.

Reading incident light is done by moving the roller-blind in line with the red marks in this way filtering the light to the sensor.
The Trisix is the first meter from Gossen making use of the LV system, however the Sixtomat also has the LV designation on the scale. The Trisix or Sixtry are scaled for the new "Synchro-Compur" shutter with the light value scale (LV). Just read the value on the 'L' scale, and set the camera accordingly.

There are different versions of the Sixtry meter, the differnce is on the ASA scale, some versions have some extra values printed in red on the ASA scale. these values are 10, 16, and 32 ASA.

A disatvantage of these meters is the glue with which the name shield and the table shield on the back are glued on the plastic house. There are a lot of meters that lost their triangle 'Gossen Sixtry' mark or the table on the back. Also the sixtomat had troubles with this phenomena. The Trisix is sold in the rest of the world and the same meter called Sixtry is sold in the USA.

Besides the Trisix and the Sixtry, there is an another version of this called the L.V. Six. Sears brought the meter under their own name as the Tower meter.


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