Gossen Sixtus 2 exposure meter

Update: 06.10.2012

Gossen Sixtus 2 exposure meter

Well known exposure meter from Gossen. manufactured in 1949. Measurement range from 1/1000 sec to 4 min. Two different version are manufactured, the Sixtus 2 N for regular Photo equipment, de Sixtus 2 L for Leica equipment.

The Sixtus 2 is an improvement of the older Sixtus meter. Where the Sixtus has the film sensitivity printed on the scale, the Sixtus 2 has a selectable film sensitivity.

There are two models of the Sixtus 2 exposure meter. The Normal model and the special Leica model. The Leica model shows all aperture values and times of exposure for the Leica camera. There is a very little difference in the read out scale and in the movable dial. The Leica model can be recognized by the 'L' on the front of the meter. Also there is a little difference in the housing, the Leica model has 2 slits in the sides of the meter for mounting in a hard shell case while the normal meter has not.

If the meter is delivered with a case, there is a conversion table printed on a metal plate inside the case. This table is a conversion table for different films speeds like DIN, ASA, Hurter & Driffield, Europ. Scheiner and americ. Scheiner.


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