Gossen Sixtus C exposure meter

Update: 06.10.2012

Gossen Sixtus C exposure meter.

The Sixtus C is one of the three types of the Sixtus Exposure meter from Gossen. The C stands for the Cine version intended for cine applications.

As mentioned, there are three different versions manufactured of the Sixtus exposure meter. The versions are assigned with a character:
  N for regular Photo equipment version,
  L for Leica version,
  C for movie (cine) purposes.

There is no external identification of the different types except for the leica version this one carries a little L on front of the meter. The difference between de N version and the C version can be recognized from the scale and the housing / leather case of the meter which carries a C on it.

More detailed information about the Sixtus can be found on the Sixtus page.


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