Zenza Bronica Camera Chronology

A chronology based op on data retrieved from Tamron/Bronica sources. Others sources handle different dates.
1959 - maart 1961 Zenza Bronica 'D'

The first medium format camera with a multi-functional knob for focusing, film transport and setting of the shutter speeds. The 'D' type accepted first Nikon lenses and later on Zenzanon lenses.

Lenses range from 40 mm to 100 mm utilizing small bayonet mounts. The bayonet mount came with the camera and the lenses fitted into it. Because most of the lens was fitted inside the camera causing the mirror to come down and forward instead of winging upwards as in use by most SLR cameras. The lens was fitted with an automatic aperture.

1969 - april 1965 Zenza Bronica 'S'

Many features as of the 'D" model remained but there where some differences and modifications, The multi functional knob controlled shutter speeds, film transport and focusing only.
1964 - mei 1965 Zenza Bronica 'C'

Square format 6 x 6 size camera was not fitted with an interchangeable film back but with a integrated film chamber accepting film inserts. Also available a range of accessories like different finders, lens hoods, grips and bellows.

The 'C' model also accepted Nikon lenses like the Nikkor 400 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm en 1200 mm. The camera was fitted with an instant return mirror meaning the image in the finder was only blocked during the exposure. The max. shutter speed was 1/500 sec.


1965 - september 1972 Zenza Bronica 'C2'

Small changes from the original 'C' model. Came with a max. shutter speed of 1/1000 sec. Also accepted the new 220 film inserts and featured the instant return mirror. Both models, the 'C' and the 'C2', accepted the earlier Nikkor and Zenzanon lenses with the smaller bayonet mount

1965 - 1972 Zenza Bronica 'S2'

A square format 6 x 6 camera accepting both 120 and 220 film back. Shutter speed ranged from 1 sec. up to 1/1000 sec. The 'S2' was fitted with a focal plane shutter and a instant return mirror. Accepting the dual bayonet adapter making it possible to use the lenses with a longer focal length.
1969 - 1972 Zenza Bronica 'S2A'

This is a black leather version of the 'S2' . A lot of the internal mechanical components where treaded for a longer lifecycle. This was done nitrogenizing the mechanical parts (
impregnate with nitrogen).
1972 - december 1979 Zenza Bronica 'EC'

The first square format  6 x 6 medium format camera with an electronic focal plane shutter with a shutter speed range from 4 sec. to 1/1000 sec. including the 'bulk' setting. An exposure meter could be coupled automatically to the cameras electronic circuit providing open aperture metering.

The 'EC'  was fitted with a two part mirror helping to cut down the mirror shock during exposure also giving a complete new view in the finder. Also allowing the mirror to rise upwards.

1975 - 1978 Zenza Bronica 'EC-TL'

The first medium format camera featuring TTL metering system with aperture priority with automatic as well as manual mode. The light measurement was based on two fast acting silicon 'blue' photo diodes. Because of the focal plane shutter flash sync was only with 1/60 sec.

1975 - 1978 Zenza Bronica 'EC-TLII'
Januari 1976 - maart 1980 Zenza Bronica 'ETR'

The Bronica ETR,  First in a new whole new product line of medium format cameras. The new line was introduced in January 1976. Bronica decided to move from focal plane shutter to shutters included incorporated in the lens. The seiko shutter was used. The lens mount was a four claw lens bayonet mount.
The first model, the ETR, was mend to be a direct competitor for the Mamiya M645 camera. Supplied with interchangeable lens, film back and viewing focusing screen was the ETR mend to be a camera for the professional and more advanced semi professional photographer. more accessories are polaroid back, rotary finder, automatic bellows and speed grip.


Oktober 1977 - oktober 1980 Zenza Bronica 'ETR-C'

October 1977 the ETR-c was released as a modern replacement for the older Bronica 'C' type. The ETR C was the same as the ETR except for the interchangeable film back. This was incorporated in the camera and film changing was done by 120 en 220 film inserts. At the same time a number of lenses was released, besides the classical  F=75 / 2.8, the F=40 / 4 wide angle, the F=50 / 2.8 lens and the  F=150 / 4 en F=250 / 5.6. were released. All the lenses carry a Seiko #1 shutter ranging from 8 sec. to 1/500 sec.

Januari 1979 - september 1989 Zenza Bronica 'ETR-S'

As third in line of the 4.6 x 6 format cameras the ETRS was released. Beside from some modifications incorporated, the film back locking mechanism was improved so the film back could not be removed without the dark slide in place. Accessories are besides all the ETR accessories; metering prism, several focusing screens, grip and motor drive and extensions tubes.

Oktober 1980 - september 1984 Zenza Bronica 'SQ'

During the Photokina from 1980 the SQ was introduced as a 6 x 6 camera. New interchangeable film backs different from the ETR were introduced.

Januari 1982 - december 1991 Zenza Bronica 'SQ-A'

The model SQ-A came out with some improved issues and addition like mirror lock up. With the new AE prism finder S auto exposure metering with aperture priority was possible.

Januari 1983 - maart 1991 Zenza Bronica 'SQ-Am'

In 1982, besides the SQ-A, the SQ-Am was introduced as a motorized version of the SQ-A. The SQ-Am was identical to the SQ-a except for the built in motor drive
Oktober 1989 - december 2004 Zenza Bronica 'ETR-Si'

Further development of the ETRS lead to the ETRi. Mirror lockup. indication of double exposure indication in the focusing screen and together with the SCA 186 adapter TTL flash were major improvements.

Oktober 1990 - december 2003 Zenza Bronica 'SQ-Ai'

Upgraded version of the SQ-A. Addition is the socket for the flash adapter. A signal in the focusing screens warns for double exposure setting. Motor drive is now available.
Februari 1996 - december 2003 SQ-B

The SQ-B is introduced. This is a trimmed version of the SQ-A and mend as a basic camera as a starter model.

1983 - juni 2002 Zenza Bronica 'GS-1'

A new model Bronica camera with 6 x7 the large medium format of all the Bronica cameras.