Limited Edition

Zenza Bronica ERTSi limited Edition

40th Anniversary Limited Edition ETRS i

The special limited edition of the ETRS i was made in commemoration of the 40th year anniversary of the Zenza Bronica brand. The model was dated 1999 and consists of a ETRS i body, 75mm f/ 2.8 PE Lens, 120 Ei film back, the new AE-III Finder and the Speed Grip all in silver-colored polycarbonate (plastic) with grey leatherette.

This camera was sold in 2002 as an occasion for Euro 1295.- . in April 2010 I bought this camera set in a perfect condition for just Euro 350.- including a 150 mm lens and a Polaroid back all together in an original Bronica carrying bag

all the specifications are the same as for the standard ETRS i.