Nikon D7200

And now February 21st 2017 again a step further with the Nikon D7200 DSLR (949 Euro). The specifications look very good, a DX format camera with 24.2 pixel CMOS sensor and the new Exspeed 4 processor 30 % faster than the predecessor theD7100. Expecting the camera to be delivered today so I am really looking forward to it. This time I did not buy the original Nikon grip and extra batteries. I choose for the Jupio grip the difference in price is to much.

The first thing that I was missing again is the connector for studio flash WHY? the second thing is the metering switch. Everything is now controlled via the settings of the camera this disables the quick actions.

Video and Photo gets more and more integrated in one and the same equipment. In auto menu a number of settings are not retained when the camera is powered down like the internal flash every time this thing is popping up by low light situations, not my thing! Nikon placed this camera in the group of advanced photographers but I feel this is a little to high. The camera is loaded with new technologies but the controls for quick advanced photography are not there!

The menus are complex, state of the camera (mode) rules out menu items so there is a lot to learn. There is a users guide that comes in the box but there is also a menu guide available at the Nikon site for download. Soon more.

After 2 days working trough the manuals I found out that it is not possible to connect to a studio flash via the hot shoe. There is no X-contact and the AS-15 does not work! I found this completely ridiculous and if I knew this on forehand I NEVER would have bought this camera! This is really a very big disappointment.

Another point is the Wifi connection. Yes it is Wifi but don't think it will connect to your computer. It only connects to a smart device like a phone after installing a special application! I am thinking... should I have bought me a CANON?

The Nikon D7200 has a special USB connector conform the new Nikon high speed USB connection the UC-E6 connector. This means again an another USB cable. The cable supplied in the box is a rather short cable of 60 cm so I have to look for a longer cable somewhere.

De battery grip for the D7200 is the Nikon MB-D15 but there are a number of replacements from other brands like Meike and Jupio. The price for the original Nikon MB-D15 is 229.- Euro and for the Jupio 79.99 Euro.

Coming from the D300 I am missing some buttons I very frequently used. First the Auto focus switch left from the lens. It was very easy to swith from manual to single focus en continues focus. (Gone). Then the metering selector, I very often used this switch which is placed right from the viewer. Sometimes spot metering was needed en than integral meting. Switching was very fast (Gone).

Now you have to dig into the manual to find out where function or sub functions or sub sub functions are hidden.

I am already looking for a Canon eos 5D MKII. April 17th I bought me a Canon as new with only 3500 clicks in perfect condition...... I think my Nikon days are over!

Jupio Grip for D7200