Canon EOS 5D Mark II


Happy days are here again......

After the disillusion of the Nikon D7200, I bought me a used Canon EOS 5D Mark II. It is very simple I bought this camera many years to late. Via an advertisement site I saw a Canon 5D body offered for 900 Euros. Mint condition and only 3500 clicks. After some email contact, the body was mine for 800 Euros. I was able to inspect the camera on forehand and I was very pleased with it.

After some days studying the manual I took some test pictures and I was very pleased with the results. I used my old USM lenses I still have in my collection. Lenses were stored away for more than 5 years and where still very clean and where functioning very well.

My problem with Nikon was for me the dynamic range of the sensor. Very very often I had overexposed areas in my pictures what ever setting I used. I found i very difficult to hold the camera in straight horizontal position when using the 18 - 70 lens. Most pictures need photoshopping to get a good result.

And now..... I am a very happy person! And ... don't forget, this is a camera and a technology from 2007

Now 2 weeks with testing the camera and yesterday some 160 shots on a family party. Today checking the pictures and now I am really happy with the result I see here. None of the pictures need photoshopping because they are good, really good. So now I can say my Nikon days are over. I do have a nikon D7200 for sale now.

Lens Canon EF USM 22 - 55 1:4 - 5.6
Lens Canon EF USM 28 - 105 1:3.5 - 4.5
Lens Canon EF USM 35 - 135 1:4 - 5.6
Lens Canon EF USM 75 - 300 1:4.5.6 II
Lens Sigma 159 - 500 1:5 - 6.3 APO HSM OS DG

I expanded my equipment with a speedlite 430EX II and a speedlite 580EX both second hand and working very well. Furthermore a seagull angle viewer, some 70% cheaper than the original Canon and working very well. Also some extra batteries 2 pieces vor 19 euro's a piece and not working good with the Canon 5D battery system because both batteries have the same number and an another 2 batteries 25 euro a piece 3000 mAh working fine.

First tests with the EOS 5D