Canon Powershot 600
This was my first digital camera. It was a (expensive) present from my wife for my birthday. Before this camera I have been playing with a Sony Mavica that uses a 3.5 inch floppy disk as image storage. The internal storage was very small and could store only 4 up to 15 images depending on the quality of the pictures taken. A very big improvement was the hard drive PC card with a storage of 170 Mbyte I was able to take a lot of pictures. After intensive search I found a electronics store that supplied me with a identical hard drive but much cheaper than the drive Sony was selling. A pain was the battery that very soon died so I had to use the power cable to power up the camera.

At the wholesale lab where I was working we just started the development of processing digital images. The first step was printing de digital APS index print on a Mitsubishi thermal transfer color printer and real photo Christmas cards on Fuji Frontier 350 minilab. This was our entry in the new digital picture era. Taking pictures with this camera was fun but I still used my Canon EOS 5 for the real photo's.

With a half mega pixel sensor it produced pictures of 832 x 608 pixels.

Pictures taken in 1998 on Formentera (Spain)
Canon Powershot 600  
Marketed July 1996
Original Price 128,000 yen

Image Sensor (CCD) Size 1/3"
Method Complementary color filter/Interline
Number of Pixels 570,000 pixel (total)
Sensitivity Equivalent to ISO 100
Image Data Storage Built-in flash memory (1 MB), PC card (Type II, III)
File Format JPEG/TIFF/WAVE (audio data)/Proprietary Canon format(CCD RAW)
Image Size
832 x 608, 640 x 480, 320 x 240
Lens 7mm f/2.5 (35mm film equivalent : 50mm)
Shutter Speeds 1/30-1/500 sec.
Focusing Range Standard 40 cm-infinity
Macro 10-40 cm
Built-in Flash Auto, Forced ON/OFF
White Balance
TTL auto
Viewfinder Optical Optical viewfinder
LCD ---
Capacities *
Using built-in 1MB memory
Fine 4 shots (832 x 608)/6 (640 x 480)/17 (320 x 240)
Normal 9 shots (832 x 608)/12 (640 x 480)/26 (320 x 240)
Economy 15 shots (832 x 608)/19 (640 x 480)/36 (320 x 240)
Interfaces Parallel/PCMCIA (Type III)
Operating Systems
Windows® 3.1, Windows® 95, Macintosh
Power Supply Dedicated Ni-Cd Battery,Six AA alkaline batteries
(W x H x D)
159.5 x 92.5 x 58.8 mm
Weight (body only) Approx. 420 g
Accessories Neck strap, camera station, dedicated Ni-Cd battery pack, battery charger, application software
Information written above is about the digital cameras developed for the Japanese domestic market.

* Recording capacity specifications are based on standard shooting conditions established by Canon. Actual results will vary according to subjects.