There is not so much to tell about this meter. The brand Bocama is very unknown on the internet concerning exposure meters. There is a label on the back that says Bocama meter made in Japan and that's about all.

After opening the meter I found the mark Sekonic printed in small format on the scale. So it can be a branded Sekonic meter. The meter has a red and white button on the side for switching the sensitivity of the meter.

Technically this is done by switching a resistor parallel to another resistor and with this action lowering the total resistance and this makes the meter more sensitive by letting more current run trough the ammeter. The meter is of the match needle type, you have to turn the dial and match the green needle exactly over the meter needle. Then reading the scale will give you the exposure settings or the EV.

Manufacturer: Bocama
Type: Bocama
Sensor: Selenium
Year: 19xx
Type of measurement: reflected & cine
Sensitivity: 9 ~ 42 DIN / 6 ~12000 ASA
Aperture : f/ 1 ~22
Exposure time : 1/2000 ~ 8 sec
LV: 1 ~ 19


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