Bowens Flash meter SSR MKII

Update: 04.18.2012

Bowens SSR MK 2 Flash meter Code nbr. 1605

sturdy Flash meter from Bowens. Has a scale for setting the filmspeed. Connection for sync cable and pushbutton toi fire the flash. Has a switch for setting the exposure speed and also one for setting the range. The meter has no on/off switch but will be switched on by pressing the 'Reset' button and stays then on for aprox. 30 seconds. Pressing Recall will also switch on the meter and show the last valid reading. A simple user guide is imprinted on the back of the meter:

Set red arrow to film speed.
Switch shutter speed and range (L-M-H)
Plug sync lead into meter or IR into flash
Switch on by pressing reset button
Hold meter in subject position pointing directly at light being measured and fully depress firing button
Reading holds for 30 seconds and can be recalled within 5 minutes
If no reading appears switch to a lower range if "+" lights switch t a higher range
Press reset button before taking next reading
If meter fails to reset change battery
Use MN1604 battery or equivalent
Do not leave an exhausted battery fitted.

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