Gosling brothers.
Chum meter was made by I. and A. Gosling. Arthur Glendower Gosling is the name apearing on the patent form requested on December 14 1945. The firm of Gosling was located at the 51 red lion street W.C.I in London. later the address was 70 Ember Farm way, East Molesey, Surrey. In 1951 an another address found was I. & A. GOSLING 10 PRINCES STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE, LONDON, WI Mayfair

The meter was sold for a price of 3.7.6

As far as known, the made only one model in some different version one for Leica and one for Cine purposes. Also the name Swift is known. The meter looks very much a exact copy of the Prix meter form Josef Dorn.

Manufacturer: Chum
Type: Chum
Sensor: Selenium
Year: Aprox 1946
Type of measurement: reflected light
Sensitivity: 20 ~ 35 Sch
Aperture : f/ 1.4 ~ 32
Exposure time : 1/1000 ~ 60 sec.
Compared to a Prix meter, it's a very close copy to this meter. However they do have a patent for this meter.  

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