Fodor is a trade organisation and belongs to Hagemeijer NV after the take over of Borsumij Wehry. Fodor never produced photographic products but imported these products mostly from Asia.

(Fodor, with operations in the Netherlands and Belgium, imports and distributes consumer electronics and photographic equipment under such brand names as Olympus, Fuji, Samsung and Akai. Fodor also supplies Fuji photo mini-labs, colour photocopiers and consumer products such as films, audio and videotapes and photographic paper. Both the Fuji and Olympus photographic businesses made an excellent contribution to profits.)

The meters bear the name Fodor but these same model meters pop-up with different names in ,most time, the same look and functioning. sometimes very little differences.

Another example is the Bocama meter, not much can be found on the Internet about this meter. After opening the meter to research the originality of manufacture, clearly the name Sekonic printed on the scale, out of sight from the outside, can be found. So this means that Sekonic is one of the Japanese manufacturers delivering meters under other brands to the world. Digging in the world of Japanese exposure meters is very hard. Om one hand because of the difficulty of the language and on the other hand, most manufacturers brand the meters with whatever name you want.

Manufacturer :Unknown Luxe III meter
Type: CDS

Fodor meter
Capital meter
Type: CDS


(pictures are borrowed from the internet) Fodor model 80
Infometer model 80

Manufacturer : Unknown
Type: Hyper VI
Type: Selenium



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