Hanimex was founded after WWII to import European cameras to Australia. It was founded by Jack Hannes who gave it its name which was an abbreviation for Hannes Import Export. It sold cameras that were made by Tōkyō Kōgaku and Sedic in Japan, by Finetta, Montanus, Vredeborch and Dacora in West Germany, by Pentacon in East Germany, by Chinese and other manufacturers. Hanimex distributed SLR lenses for several different lens mounts of renowned camera systems. The lenses were also just branded as Hanimex. Nowadays the website of Fujifilm Australia appears behind the web-address www.hanimex.com.au .

April 22 2004 - Fujifilm Acquires its Distributor in Australia and New Zealand

"Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. has signed an acquisition Agreement with the U.K. based NRG Overseas Investment Ltd., a group company of Ricoh Co., Ltd. to acquire 100% shares of Hanimex Australasia Pty Ltd., the holding company of the Hanimex Group that acts as the distributor for Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. in Australia and New Zealand.

For more than 30 years (since 1967), the Hanimex Group has been the distributor of Fujifilm’s products (excluding graphic arts products) and has established a solid position both in Australia and New Zealand.  Fuji’s exports to these two countries have been showing a large increase in recent years; particularly, the exports of digital cameras, “Frontier” digital minilabs and other digital printers. Digital image diagnostic systems for medical use have been recording remarkable growth, and this trend is expected to continue for years to come.

This acquisition enables Fuji to develop and carry out its marketing strategies through its new subsidiaries directly in Oceania, in addition to those already existing in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, in unison on a global basis. 

As a leading company focused on digital imaging solutions, Fuji has globally presented the most advanced solutions for the industry. Fuji has been a forerunner in the culture of photography, responding to the variety of imaging needs from analogue to digital. We plan to contribute substantially in the future growth of the photographic and imaging industries in both the Australian and New Zealand markets."


Hanimex Sekonic meter   Manufacturer: Sekonic
Type: L8
Year: 19xx
Type of measurement:
Sensitivity: ° DIN / 1600 ASA
Aperture :
Exposure time :


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